The historical smoke of Monnickendam
A fishing boot from Volendam moors alongside the fish market in Monnickendam. Inside, the fish traders are ready to bid for herring, mackerel and smelt. The trader who makes the highest bid takes home the catch to his smokery. He invites you to come and see how he smokes the fish. Others have less sophisticated equipment and simply smoke the fish outside in smoke barrels. Would you like to try some? Help yourself.

The Monnickendam Fish Days give a glimpse of the Monnickendam of times gone by. Our guides are happy to take you on a tour through our picturesque town that at one time had as many as 30 smokeries. They can tell you all about them. 

On Fish Days there are also basket weavers, clog makers and people mending nets working on the quayside. At the end of the afternoon, local actors, who have had a few drinks, ensure there is plenty of entertainment. There is also a street market selling local produce. Fishermen’s choirs sing songs about the old days and children play traditional Dutch games. In short, a unique experience – a trip back in time to the Monnickendam of 100 years ago!